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Below is a list of the most Frequently Asked Questions. It should help to answer some of your initial questions.

What is Antigua & Barbuda Economic Citizenship / Citizenship By Investment?

We would use the term ‘dual nationality’ or ‘second citizenship’, ‘economic citizenship’ is simply the common terminology used to refer to an Economic Citizenship or Citizenship By Investment Program. Therefore this is just a program and not a different type of citizenship in anyway. The Economic Citizenship / Citizenship By Investment Program is one of the ways by which a person or a family can become a citizen(s) of a country by way of investment.

Who needs a second passport?

There are many different reasons for someone wishing to obtain a second passport. Currently, many countries are experiencing instability, either politically, financially, economically and / or social insecurity. Across the globe there are high levels of unemployment, surges in crime, political corruption and civil strife. Many countries are at war, others are faced with worsening economic crises, in which health, education and employment suffer. If possible, most would flee these circumstances in search of better living conditions. The Antigua & Barbuda Economic Citizenship / Citizenship By Investment program provides an avenue to freedom. A second passport is a type of insurance to hedge against uncertainties in our future.

Does economic citizenship mean that you get a special economic status?

Economic Citizenship / Citizenship By Investment does not give you special status. This program is called Economic Citizenship / Citizenship By Investment because of the economic contribution that is made towards the development of Antigua & Barbuda. Economic Citizenship or Citizenship By Investment does have a residency requirement and as a result the applicant must spend at least 7 days per annum or a total of 35 days over 5 years. Individuals that become Citizens under Economic Citizenship / Citizenship By Investment program are law abiding, regular citizens as every other citizen and enjoy the same rights, privileges and liberties as any Antiguan and Barbudan.

Do I have to renounce my citizenship to be eligible?

No. Antigua and Barbuda’s Citizenship By Investment program allows for the applicant to maintain dual citizenship.

How will I know that I will qualify for the program?

You will know whether you qualify based on the first hand advice that the Citizenship By Investment Agent provide you with, depending on the information that you give. If you are given the green light for your application, further confirmation of your eligibility to apply for Antigua and Barbuda Citizenship By Investment program will be given after you have gone through the due diligence and application process.

Do I get my contribution back if I am not approved?

If your application for Citizenship By Investment is not approved, your contribution will be fully refunded. Additional processing, application and due diligence fees are non refundable.

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